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Buckleys is a family run business, going back three generations. To emphasise the longevity of the company, and of their products was essential. They work with stone, which conveys ideals of strength, stability and classic style.

When designing 'Selene,' Buckleys first signature fire surround, our focus was on embracing Buckleys’ manufacturing process; a combination of CNC machining and hand craftsmanship. This approach led to a beautifully finished, cost efficient product, which has been installed in homes across the country.

Selene’s uninterrupted silhouette runs from the legs through to the mantle achieving an elegant and contemporary surround. A number of variations and bespoke details were also designed, including an optional mantle.

This highlights Buckleys ability to produce surrounds individualised for each client. By involving a customer in the design process a sense of ownership is established and the likelihood of a sale increased.

Close up of Buckleys logo on catalogue
Buckleys logo
Image by BASK of BUckleys fire surround
Image by BASK of BUckleys fire surround
Image by BASK of BUckleys fire surround
Buckleys business card front
Buckleys business card back
Buckleys website Home Page
Buckleys website Fireplace Pacgages Page
General assembly drawing of Selene Fire Suround
Selene foot detail photograph
Selene overall photograph
Selene corner detail photograph
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